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Why Lady Gaga used to be Gothic Eye Candy – part 2

As I rambled yesterday, I’m not afraid to admit that I used to like Lady Gaga. It all started with her weird sense of fashion, then her videos, and next thing I knew, I actually liked her music. Though I must admit that Bliix‘s metal remixes had a lot to do with that.

So, in an attempt to feel better with myself, I have numbered the reasons why I believe Gaga’s style could have appealed to any goth. It’s no just me… right?

On with the rest of the list, featuring Telephone and Alejandro, after the jump.



Style Icons: Mana

Real Name Satou Manabu
From Hiroshima, Japan
Born March 19th  (year unknown)
Known for
  • Being the lead guitarist of the visual kei band Malice Mizer during the 90’s
  • Owning and designing for his own label Moi-Même-Moitié.
  • Forming and leading the symphonic metal band Moi dix Mois

If you’re not familiar with Mana, or with the visual kei scene in general, this may come as a shock for you, so be prepared. The cute little girl dressed in frilly skirts and heavy make-up above is, in fact, a man in his thirties/forties. (more…)