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Straps everywhere

Harnesses. They have been around for some time now.

As any other accessory, they help dress up an outfit and give it the “oomph” that a plain pair of pants and blouse can’t achieve on their own.

Harnesses by Zana Bayne



How to Wear Sweatpants (and not be scared of being seen in public)

Before spring break, I committed a criminal act.
I bought a pair of sweatpants.

Sweatpants, for the fashion conscious, are a touchy subject. Some people love them because they’re comfortable, other people despise them due to their sloppiness and sometimes unflattering fit.

For my part, I don’t necessarily hate them. I usually have a pair to throw on when going to the gym, and to wear around the house during lazy Sundays or study sessions. I would hate to be seen in public wearing them, though. It would feel too much like being seen on pyjamas.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying sweatpants are the most ugly and unflattering garment a girl has had the disgrace of putting on. I’m just saying that sweatpants, tucked inside Ugg boots and paired with a way to tight tank top and mismatched hoodie, is the ugliest outfit any girl has ever had the disgrace of putting on.*

I’m just saying.

Sweatpants are not to blame, though. I think they actually *can* be worn wisely, and *can* be a versatile and comfortable garment without falling in the eyesore category. (more…)