voluntarily monochrome


Straps everywhere

Harnesses. They have been around for some time now.

As any other accessory, they help dress up an outfit and give it the “oomph” that a plain pair of pants and blouse can’t achieve on their own.

Harnesses by Zana Bayne



Daily Outfit – March 7 + Lifesaving uniforms

For Mondays, I usually choose to dress casually and comfortably. There’s no point in putting much effort in bringing together an outfit when at 11:30 AM I’ll have to change again for yoga classes. The same lazy principle applies for days where I just can’t rummage around my closet as usual, be it because of a lack of time, a lack of ideas, or a lack of giving a damn.

So! For all those emergency/full of laziness occasions, there’s only one solution: uniforms! (more…)

Tumblr vs Pinterest: Online alternatives to keep a style look book

To help the constant search to define our personal style, it’s usually advised to keep a style scrapbook, lookbook or diary where to save pictures and ideas of what inspires us. This can be, to name a few examples: pictures of people rocking amazing outfits, pictures of magazine editorials, famous or wise quotes, magazine articles or written down ideas of our own.

A project like this may be especially appealing to the inner artist that we all carry in our hearts. The idea of having a decorated notebook, full of pretty pictures, sketches and our own curly handwriting can make our hearts feel all excited and eager to start with glue and scissors. But ideas not always translate directly to reality.


grown up goth in a nutshell

Drape-y clothes that flow with movement, tight pants or leggings that hug the legs and accentuate their length; silver, gold or brass jewelry in the shape of small animal skeletons and cameos; leather satchels, adorned with metal buckles, chains or tiny, delicate spikes; pointy black oxford shoes or engineering boots… (more…)

style is not fashion

So, I chose the topic “Grown up Goth Style” as the theme that will nourish the ramblings in this blog. Does this mean I think myself as a Fashionista?


the meeting

Hello, dear lost reader, who due to unfortunate reasons ended up reading this blog. Please, have a seat. Have some cake.

My name is Ángela Sanhueza and I will be your host during your visit. Yes, that’s right, “An-heh-lah Sahn-woo-eh-zah”. Don’t worry, just “Angela” will do.