voluntarily monochrome



My name is Angela Sanhueza. I’m a Chilean journalism student who will invade San José, California, for what’s left of the semester. I usually lurk around the Internet under the alias of Tuerce.

Lo Torcido is the project I’ve been forced challenged to take as part of a class assignment. Therefore, I’ll be struggling with my English at least twice a week, to deliver fresh and mostly useless content about gothic style and fashion. Who would have thought that dressing in black and being called “goth” for the past 7 to 8 years would be of any use other than to annoy my parents?

This blog is dedicated to all the monochrome-inclined people out there. As someone who spends 80% of her time online, looking for generous people who post inspirational and informational content (see Sources of Inspiration for a complete list), I figured I could try to write somewhat coherent (and maybe even interesting!) content of my own. We’ll see.
You can help me build a social life in

tuerce @ Twitter tuerce @ Flickr tuerce @ Tumblr

Or you may also want to go for a cookie.


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