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Why Lady Gaga used to be Gothic Eye Candy – part 2

As I rambled yesterday, I’m not afraid to admit that I used to like Lady Gaga. It all started with her weird sense of fashion, then her videos, and next thing I knew, I actually liked her music. Though I must admit that Bliix‘s metal remixes had a lot to do with that.

So, in an attempt to feel better with myself, I have numbered the reasons why I believe Gaga’s style could have appealed to any goth. It’s no just me… right?

On with the rest of the list, featuring Telephone and Alejandro, after the jump.

Telephone (2010)

Directed by good ol’ Jonas Åkerlund.

So, this video has all the fundamentals for gothic approval that we have established with the previous two:

  • Heavy eye make-up and black lipstick? – check
  • Goth-friendly wardrobe featuring lots of black, leather and studs? – check
  • The lyrics have nothing to do with the video? – check
  • A guy ends up murdered by Gaga? – check

It also contains a couple of bonuses:

  • Weird unrelated objects used as clothing, like the caution tape “dress” and the very McQueen diet coke cans “headdress”
  • A trama! The one that makes more sense so far, in my humble opinion

Gothiness aside, they also had me with all the Quentin Tarantino vibe and the Kill Bill references. Pussy Wagon, anyone?

Alejandro (2010)

Directed by Steven Klein, who used to collaborate with Madonna for her concert backdrop videos.

Do I even need to explain why I think Alejandro is gothic inspired? Everything on it screams “gothic”, even the fishnet clad wards in the beginning. This video is the epitome of Gaga-gothiness, and jus pure, exquisite eye candy.

Alejandro is set in a cool, bluish hue, with pops of a cool red tint in some objects. Gaga’s first outfit is pure gothy perfection, with steampunk-like googles, lace and a crown. It also features a coffin, Gaga as a latex clad nun eating a rosary, and The Epic Gun-bra!

There’s only one thing I hate about the Alejandro video, and it’s not the weird S&M foreplay with Gaga and her minions. It’s the hairstyling. Those are the most horrible hairstyles I’ve ever seen in my young life. They’re so atrocious that they surpass the fact that Gaga doesn’t kill any boyfriend during the video.

I always thought Alejandro sounded like a 2000’s version of Madonna’s La Isla Bonita. Not my favorite of Lady Gaga’s songs, but –hairstyles aside- the video totally makes it worth it. Until today, I still have no idea what the relation to the song could be, but I guess that’s part of the tradition for Gaga’s old videos.

Born this Way and Judas (2011)

As for this year’s releases, well… I had high hopes, aesthetically speaking, and they weren’t fulfilled. I mean, a psychodellic (even more so) version of Gaga giving a long-ass speech at the beginning of the video, and then giving birth? It’s not that it’s weird, that was expectable of her, it’s just that it’s not the good-kind-of-weird that used to be.

There was a lot of hype about the Zombie Boy‘s (aka Rick) appearance on the video. Ok, that could be the its highlight, gothicly speaking, but then again, it didn’t even seem to have a purpose. The guy was there, just standing. And then dancing/grinding into Gaga. I guess that’s what I get for expecting content in pop music videos.

But don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the pro-LGBT message. I’m all for campaigns against discrimination. It just didn’t appeal my goth side as it used to do *shrug*

As with Judas… I’m not going to lie, the song is catchy as hell and I’ve had it on repeat for who knows how long.

Aesthetically speaking? Not my cup of tea. However hard I squint, I just can’t see anything that could appeal the goth in me.

Except, maybe, that two tone hair. I wonder if it’s a wig.


One response

  1. I love Lady Gaga,too. But she has lost some of her appeal that she previously. I don’t get the video for Judas but I like the song (not that I understand the meaning of it, it’s just catchy). Even her concert which I watched on HBO (thank you HBO) was disappointing. I think I’ll stick to her old stuff. By the way, I’m not a Goth but I’m goth-friendly as the Lady of Manners says.

    May 14, 2011 at 15:02

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