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Summer allies: shorts

With summer approaching and days getting warmer and warmer, I’ve found an ally in an unexpected place: a shorts display on Macy’s.

I wouldn’t have thought a pair of shorts would be so… useful. Being someone who has always preferred wearing skirts to pants, why waste the opportunity that lovely weather brings to wear them? The answer is: it’s so damn easy to pair them. Just throw on a t-shirt and chances are you’re good to go. Add some tights or leggings for added warmth, in those days when is too hot for jeans, but not hot enough for just the shorts.

And if you’re young and chances are you’re going to sit on the floor at any point during the day, you can do without flashing people.

And if you’re lazy (like me) and need a quick summer uniform, something that you know will work and will save you the time of deciding what-the-hell to wear this time, shorts can be the answer too.

But as with everything, I’d say there’s one basic tule to keep on mind: keep it proportional.

Bare legs and bare arms may look a bit too revealing (is that an ankle peeking under your skirts?!) and, well, tacky. You need something to take away the attention from your *gasp* bare, naked limbs.

With that on mind, I paired up this outfits using Polyvore.

This outfit is what I would wear for class in a hot day (except probably for the wedges, I can’t wear heels for the life of me…). The top is loose-fitting and has wide shoulders, to balance the bare legs. I also chose chunky jewelry that will take the attention from the bare arms. A pair of tights in case it gets cold, and good to go.

This outfit, on the other hand, is supposed to be a little more romantic inspired. White, flowy and loose tunic to balance the bare legs. Since it has long sleeves, I went easy on the jewelry and settled for a cross necklace and a silver bracelet. I added the lace gloves to keep it goth! Once more, lace tights for chilly afternoons.

I wanted this one to be grunge inspired, hence the distressed knee-length shorts and leather jewelry. Nothing says “badass” like a tank-top with a skull on it, right? Yes. Tattoos can also help the purpose. Anyway! I didn’t feel it necessary to fill the forearms with chunky jewelry this time because of the longer shorts. The gladiators I chose come up to the ankle, so the legs are covered enough, so to say.

And last but not least! This is a more classy take on shorts. This is what I would wear for more formal occasions, like going to work. If I had a job, that is.

This time the shorts are still summer friendly but a little dressier, and longer. Tucked in them is a sleeveless top with a lacy collar. Some black and golden bracelets to take attention from the bare arms, and a golden necklace to “break the black”, so to say. I paired that sailor-ish bag with the braided rope wedges because I think the ropes kind of match and give the outfit a summery feel. Yellowish tinted sunglasses to keep the overall warm hue of the outfit, and black nail polish to give it a reason to be goth.

If the inclemencies of the season force you to leave some layers at home, these are some outfit combinations that could help you avoid being featured in Goths in Hot Weather. Needless to say, these outfit combinations can easily be modified and just represent the “basic structure” of what I would like my summer closet to be. We’ll see how that goes!


One response

  1. Paula

    Great polyvore sets!

    September 19, 2011 at 15:51

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