voluntarily monochrome

Straps everywhere

Harnesses. They have been around for some time now.

As any other accessory, they help dress up an outfit and give it the “oomph” that a plain pair of pants and blouse can’t achieve on their own.

Harnesses by Zana Bayne

Coming from fetish and bondage wear, they have climbed their way up to high fashion until they have been adopted as a luxury garment present in runaways and editorial photo-shoots. They’re supposed to be somewhat sexy and even “sinful”, cinching the body pretty much like the once trendy bodycon pieces did.

Hermes Spring 2011, at Paris Fashion Week.

Sure, it’s easy to see where the sexualization comes from in a magazine editorial with half naked models sporting them as if they were tops on its own.

Maybe I’m just too naive or lacking in imagination, but to be honest, to me harnesses are only big belts. Beautiful, over the top belts that loop around the body and give buckle and leather lovers like myself an opportunity to wear them in other garments apart from boots and bags. I wouldn’t feel any more provocative wearing one. I’ll also make sure not to forget my blouse before throwing it on.

Harnesses by Etsy seller AudraJean.

Maybe it’s because I’m too used to the idea of waist cinchers and underbust corsets that I can’t really “feel” that appeal that they’re supposed to have. Not that that will keep me from investing in – at least – one in the near future.

Oh well, I’ll try not to be missing out in all the fun by then.


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