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Daily Outfit – March 7 + Lifesaving uniforms

For Mondays, I usually choose to dress casually and comfortably. There’s no point in putting much effort in bringing together an outfit when at 11:30 AM I’ll have to change again for yoga classes. The same lazy principle applies for days where I just can’t rummage around my closet as usual, be it because of a lack of time, a lack of ideas, or a lack of giving a damn.

So! For all those emergency/full of laziness occasions, there’s only one solution: uniforms!

I’m probably discovering gunpowder again by saying this, but I’ll proceed anyway.  With “uniforms”, I don’t mean it in the sense of, let’s say, a nurse costume. What I mean by “uniform” is a typical combination of garments or basics that works so well with your body shape, that you can resort to it without a second thought while in desperate times.

Probably the most known uniform in existence is the combo t-shirt + jeans + sneakers, being the most common arrangement of garments known since the 90’s and being also very much unisex. As tempting as this combination may be, versatile, easy to ensemble and easy to acquire, it’s not really the most fun. Besides, no every pair of jeans or cut of t-shirt will flatter most body shapes.

So, to make things more interesting, I’m trying to incorporate this as my personal uniform. It consists of:

  • a t-shirt –  plain black, short sleeve
  • a short dress – plain grey with zipper in the chest area
  • a pair of leggings – black, ripped jeans leggings
  • a long cardigan – black, with pointy ends

It’s not really that different from the dreaded t-shirt + jeans, considering that the pair of leggings pictured are, in fact, made with that fabric. However, I think that the ruffles in the bottom of the dress give the whole outfit a different shape by covering the hips. The leggings help keeping it versatile, so I’m not scared of flashing anyone during the day (you can thank me later, world).

Uniforms can be the base of any wardrobe.  Once you find that combination that makes you feel the most comfortable and that is the most flattering, you can work with it just adding things or modifying others depending on the occasion.


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