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Tumblr vs Pinterest: Online alternatives to keep a style look book

To help the constant search to define our personal style, it’s usually advised to keep a style scrapbook, lookbook or diary where to save pictures and ideas of what inspires us. This can be, to name a few examples: pictures of people rocking amazing outfits, pictures of magazine editorials, famous or wise quotes, magazine articles or written down ideas of our own.

A project like this may be especially appealing to the inner artist that we all carry in our hearts. The idea of having a decorated notebook, full of pretty pictures, sketches and our own curly handwriting can make our hearts feel all excited and eager to start with glue and scissors. But ideas not always translate directly to reality.

In my case, I’ve been contemplating the style lookbook project for a long time, but never have given myself the time to actually start. First, I’d have to find just the perfect notebook or sketchbook to hold all the eye candy. Then, there’s the issue of printing, cutting and arranging everything in just the perfect order. You can even think of how not environmental friendly it can get! How many trees should die for the sake of style?!

Well, whine no more! Because Internet is the solution to all problems, and this is no exception. With so many new websites and new social networks born everyday, it’s just easy to find one that can hold all those pretty pictures and inspirational media in general in the form of an online style book.

From all the alternatives that I’m sure must be out there, I’ll just proceed to cover the two that I’ve tried. These are: Tumblr and Pinterest.



  1. Can keep multiple types of media such as: pictures, GIFs, text, links, videos, music, and even flash files. Pinterest seems to only support static images and text.
  2. Can be personalized with different themes. Pinterest has only one default layout.
  3. Has plenty of inspiring blogs to follow, since it’s a somewhat “old” network and pretty much everyone uses it. Pinterest is relatively new, and so it might have less content for now.
  4. It’s easy to create an account. In Pinterest, one needs to “Request an Invite” to be able to create an account, which can be a passion killer if one has not been graced with the gift of patient.
  5. It’s a blog platform that allows the use of your own domain. Pinterest is not a blogging platform, and doesn’t.
  6. It also allows the use of different pages, much like a blog or website. Pinterest doesn’t.


  1. Separates content in different “Boards”, making it really simple to organize everything one uploads in different categories. Tumblr just allows tags, which can get messy and not as efficient.
  2. It also allows to follow just Boards, as  opposed to people’s accounts: if you’re is interested in someone’s sense of fashion, you don’t need to get updates in that person’s cooking recipe collection.
  3. Makes adding new “pins” to your boards really easy through the “Pin it” bookmark function available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari…
  4. … which also automatically  grabs the source link of the content uploaded. Tumblr hasn’t reached such a level of comfort yet!
  5. Includes different content categories such as “Fashion”, “Photography”, “Design”, “DIY” that make browsing much easier and user friendly.
  6. Even if not able to be personalized, the standard layout features “tile view” of the content in different boards and homepage, which makes easier to just scan over everything; as opposed to Tumblr’s “column” display that shows a few posts at a time on the Dashboard.

Currently, I’m currently paying more attention to Pinterest, since the ease to upload content won me over! At the same time, however, I must admit that most of the content I’m uploading comes straight from the people I follow on Tumblr. The best of both worlds, that’s what the blond teenager singer said.


4 responses

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  2. Erika

    Tumblr also has a bookmarklet that grabs the source, just so you know. It’s hidden under the “goodies” page which, since the new layout, has become hidden at the bottom of the dashboard so it’s hard to find. But that provides the same capabilities you list in the pin it bookmarklet.

    September 5, 2011 at 11:06

    • I had no idea such a thing existed. Good to know! That does seem to make the whole “oh how cool this is I must upload it on Tumblr” experience a lot easier, hmm.

      September 5, 2011 at 12:07

  3. Tumblr is painfully slow these days

    February 27, 2012 at 15:02

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