voluntarily monochrome

before the colors

Even if Betsey Johnson‘s usual splashes of bright colors don’t really fit in a monochrome closet, can you say no to an invitation like this one?

He loves me not

Greyscale and red roses. You know you can’t resist that.

The first outfits of the Betsey Johnson’s Fall 2011 Collection at NY Fashion Week featured lots of black, grays, deep dark reds and irresistible textures. The first three minutes of the show, before Johnson’s signature bright and clashing colors make their appearance, are definitely worth watching to satisfy the cravings for black.

Noteworthy from this selection:

  • the combination of textures and patterns that take the dullness out of otherwise all black/gray outfits. Even if one could do without the animal print;
  • the deep shade of red. Oh, so traditional goth;
  • the chokers!
  • the silhouettes: nothing that extravagant that could not be used in day to day wear.

In deep, deep love with that jacket. That cut is simply stunning, and oh so feminine…

Image of fantastic quality courtesy of Betsey Johnson’s website streaming of the show, as well as this abridged version from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Youtube Channel.

For a decent coverage of Betsey Johnson’s appearance in NY Fashion Week, you may want to visit this article. So those at the end were employees, huh? You can’t not love that last guy’s contribution to the show.


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