voluntarily monochrome

Daily Outfit – Feb 11





This are my first official outfit pictures! Yay for me. Blogger Gala Darling swears by the importance of taking outfit photos and keep a log of what you wear to define your personal style… and I’m so glad I finally did – now I know that next time I wear that blouse, I’ll definitely throw a belt on too to define more my waist. Nuh-uh, me from the past, get yourself some curves.

I guess I’m not the only owner of a monochrome closet that has had an internal struggle against a part of oneself that wants to wear lace tights to the beach. Common sense won this time, though, and therefore I hit Santa Cruz in that really comfortable blouse with all those frills going on in the chest area; torn jeans leggings from Forever 21 and my faithful pair of Puma sneakers. I never thought I’d come to love so much a pair of sneakers of all things. But I do. They’re black and shiny. And, they cover my ankles.

I wish I had worn a dress, that way I would have been able to ditch the leggings and use them as an improvised, DIY sunshade of some sort.  So much for being a goth in hot weather.


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