voluntarily monochrome

grown up goth in a nutshell

Drape-y clothes that flow with movement, tight pants or leggings that hug the legs and accentuate their length; silver, gold or brass jewelry in the shape of small animal skeletons and cameos; leather satchels, adorned with metal buckles, chains or tiny, delicate spikes; pointy black oxford shoes or engineering boots…and of course, layers and layers and layers of black attire. This is a common description of what Grown up Goth looks like.

The grown up version of goth is more about delicate, intricate lace than torn fishnets. It’s also more about carefully applied neutral colors of eyeshadow than heavy lined eyes and black lipstick. It’s a more formal and maybe minimalist way of satisfying the black-attire cravings than full tulle skirts paired with corsets.

Dawn from Monoxious is a very good example of this. Her style is simply awesome.

It may be because of growing older and reaching a certain maturity-point that is enough to hang the spike leather dog-collars, but not so much to incorporate some other color to the wardrobe. It may be a result of joining the corporate world and have to dress “formally” to be taken seriously. It also might be a sudden nostalgic feeling of melancholy for the old days, those were original post-punk music bands had a certain first approach to the fashion that has become everyday less frequent.

Grown up goth is about aiming for this:

British music band The Horrors.

Instead of this:

Goth Couple

With all the respect leather clad Wave Gottik Treffen audience deserve. Boy, that feather collar looks fierce!

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