voluntarily monochrome

the meeting

Hello, dear lost reader, who due to unfortunate reasons ended up reading this blog. Please, have a seat. Have some cake.

My name is Ángela Sanhueza and I will be your host during your visit. Yes, that’s right, “An-heh-lah Sahn-woo-eh-zah”. Don’t worry, just “Angela” will do.

The reason of my weird name and the chopped English in which I’ll try to express is that currently I’m a 20 years old exchange student from Chile . I will be invading the US for a semester.

This is me. Say hi.

And this is me ruining the illusion of seriousness.

This blog is the result of homework, and therefore I will try to keep it more consistent than the rest of the blogs I’ve tried to write in the past. Another difference will be that, instead of focusing on ramblings from my day to day life, this blog will indeed have a theme, and that is: Grown up goth style.

“Grown up goth”, unfortunately, does not mean latex clad people or fetishism or anything specifically sexual-related. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but please, don’t leave just yet!

“Grown up goth” is what some people around the Internet have started to call their mostly-black wardrobes, to differentiate themselves from the tackyly-clothed, panda-eyed, Marilyn Manson-listener youth that has snatched the word “Goth” from its post-punk related origins. I’ll go more into the term “grown up goth” later, but first, let me present my excuses.

I’m still not sure if I can really fit into the category of “grown up” yet, since I like to think about myself as young and, I have to admit, rather immature. However, “grown up goth style” related blogs and galleries take most of my free time, to the point that they have started to portray everything that I want my closet and personal aesthetic to look like.

So yes, this blog will be my journey towards a goth but tacky-less  style. I guess I could say the step from being just “goth” to “decently-dressed goth”. I’ll promise I’ll try to run away from self-reference as I would from small drooling  kids,  keeping it helpful, resourceful and overall “pretty”.

So yes, thank you for reading so far. Have some more cake for the effort.


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